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Austin Auto Glass Made Easy

Auto Glass is the general term for most any kind of repair or replacement of glass on an automobile. There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering a windshield replacement, auto glass replacement or windshield repair.

You should consider whether you want to bring your car to a shop, or have someone come to you for your service. Some Auto Glass shops (such as Auto Glass Easy) are entirely mobile, while others have a shop and mobile service available, while others still may only offer service at a shop location.

Another consideration is the time that is needed for the auto glass replacement or repair. A windshield will generally take 1 hour or more to replace, while other auto glass replacements will take about an hour. Some exceptional cases can take longer. Windshield repair should only take about 20 minutes. Make sure you can trust your service provider. Some less scrupulous vendors will tell you that your vehicle is ready to drive within an hour, when they are using a urethane that requires 8 hours for safe driving! Ask them about the urethane they use and what the “safe drive time” is for it.

The Most Important and Least Important Considerations
The most important consideration is the quality of work you will receive. Your windshield constitutes over 50% of the strength of your cab! That means you should be very picky about who you trust for any windshield replacement. Your windshield also provides a backdrop for your airbag. If it is improperly installed, your airbag can be rendered useless! This brings us to the least important consideration.

The least important consideration is price. Although it is nice to haveĀ a cheap price, it is bad news to have a cheap installation! At Auto Glass Easy, we see scores of bad installations. So much so that it can become frustrating cleaning up others installers messes. Some of these poor installations have become dangerous for the driver. At other times it is a cosmetic nightmare. But other bad installations result in rust in critical places that you may not see until it is too late.
When negotiating price over something so critical to your safety as Auto Glass, make sure you are looking at the value you are receiving. The best value isn’t always the best price. Look for a competitive price that guarantees the highest quality installation.

Look for Auto Glass Easy!

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