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Windshield Repair in Austin shouldn't be a hassle. When you call Auto Glass Easy it's as easy as 1 2 3.

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1.  We'll schedule an appointment. We are entirely mobile, so you don't need to bring your vehicle anywhere. We can come to you at home, work, school or even on the roadside or parking lot while you shop! Our goal is to make your auto glass easy!


2.  When we arrive you can choose to pay with cash, check, or credit card OR by using your insurance coverage. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, most insurance carriers will WAIVE your deductible! That means you will have nothing out of pocket to pay. Nothing! We will take care of all of the insurance paperwork for you.


3.  When we arrive, we'll assess the damage to your windshield and begin the process of repairing it. The entire process shouldn't take any longer than about 15 - 20 minutes.


If you are using your insurance, we'll make a quick phone call to your insurance company's claim department. They will ask you a few questions to confirm your identity and coverage, and verify details about the damage to your windshield.


If you are paying out of pocket, then none of that is necessary. We'll begin the assessment and repair right away and have you back to your business in no time!


Our prices are very reasonable. The first repair is only $55 and each additional repair is only $5 on the same windshield. And it comes with our Lifetime Warranty! Many other companies charge anywhere from $75 to over $100 per windshield repair!


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FAQ's about Windshield Repair


Will my insurance company pay for the repair? Most major insurance carriers offer the service of paying for your windshield repair and most carriers will waive your deductible entirely. There are a few (Direct General and a few others) who require reimbursement. That means their policy-holders must pay for their repair out of pocket for their Auto Glass Repair and personally mail in the receipt for payment. But most carriers will allow us to process all of the paperwork for you, leaving you with nothing at all to do but answer a few questions before the repair is done.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction on every Replacement and Repair. Windshield Replacements are guaranteed against leakage. Windshield Repairs are guaranteed for the life of the repair. If any repair begins to crack, simply supply your receipt and we will refund your money or apply it to a new windshield. Peace of mind comes with all of our work.

For more information on our warranty see About Us!

How long does it take? A normal windshield repair will take only about 10 minutes. If the damage is extensive, or if there are multiple repairs it may take longer. If your insurance company is involved, then the phone call will add another 5-8 minutes depending on how talkative the representative is at the time.


Will it disappear? Most repairs will show a 75%-90% improvement in overall clarity of the damaged area. Unfortunately, some less scrupulous companies perpetuate the myth that windshield damage will disappear with a Windshield Repair. That just isn't true. When a rock impacts your windshield, it is usually at a speed of over 60 miles per hour. Remember that it is hitting glass. The damage that occurs can vary, but usually there is fracturing on the inside of your windshield and a chunk of your windshield is usually removed from the outside of your glass where the debris hit. These voids must be filled with a special resin that is designed to fill and harden inside. The area usually improves in appearance by up to 90%. But to make it disappear 100% is normally impossible for anyone.


What is the cost? Our windshield repairs are only $55 for the first repair and $5 for each additional repair on the same windshield. If you have 2 or more vehicles the same applies to each so you can enjoy a full Lifetime Warranty on each vehicle. Many companies charge anywhere from $75 to over $100 for their repairs, and while it is true you may be able to find someone on the side of the road to repair your windshield for $35 or so, you must usually find them and then wonder if they will be around again to make good on their warranty (if they have one). Auto Glass Easy a strong, local, family-owned company and we stand behind our work!



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